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Xandr PSA Program

Xandr Public Service Announcement Program

How it Works

Xandr serves billions of ads a day, with many transactions taking place online. Every time a web page loads, a real-time auction for each ad space is triggered.

Dozens of advertisers can bid to show their ad in a given slot. However, sometimes an ad space can go unfilled. In these situations, rather than let the ad space go to waste, Xandr shows a Public Service Announcement (PSA).

This is a win for everyone. Websites win because they don’t have blank spaces on their pages. Nonprofits win because they get free advertising and can increase their reach by hundreds of thousands, increasing site visitors, donations, and volunteers. And Xandr wins because we get to support causes that employees care about and that are relevant in our own communities and the markets where we do business. We’re already working with many nonprofits and are hoping to add even more to our program.

Since 2016, we have served over 117 billion PSA impressions, resulting in 60.4 million clicks.