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Social Responsibility

Xandr’s Commitment to Social Responsibility

Xandr is building a new kind of advertising company that leads with curiosity and courage as we move toward the future. We believe this future, and our long-term business success, is intrinsically tied to the strength and health of our communities and the world.

At Xandr, we seek to create meaningful change for our communities and for our business, harnessing the passion and generosity of teammates worldwide.

Xandr has three main areas of focus: create pathways for future generations of diverse talent, leverage our technology resources for good, and spearhead positive change across our markets, aligned to our purpose and business.

Future Talent

Creating pathways for future generations of diverse talent.

Our digital skills programs work with organizations like Girls Who Code to equip students with the skills needed to succeed in the global advertising and technology economy. We also run year-round mentorship programs, partnering employees with high-school students looking for support and guidance on college and career readiness topics.

Tech for Good

Leveraging our technology resources for good.

Xandr’s Tech for Good program pursues positive social impact by building scalable technology and partnership in the non-profit sector, leveraging our Xandr engineering and tech resources. The initiative encompasses our PSA program, which serves Public Service Announcements for non-profits through our technology platform, as well as our work with the Federation of Internet Alerts, which uses Xandr’s ad serving technology to deliver critical safety information from government agencies and non-profits to the public.

Learn more about our PSA program here.

Industry & Citizenship

Spearheading positive change across our markets, aligned to our purpose and business.

Building a new kind of advertising company means we need to believe in better and make a positive impact on our ecosystem by promoting responsible and inclusive advertising practices, advocating for high-quality news and media, and building meaningful relationships with civic organizations and local governments.

We achieve this through running campaigns and collaborating with organizations such as Tech:NYC, the IAB, MediaTrust and United for News.