The Xandr Platform is an advanced buy-side and sell-side advertising technology platform that enables buyers and sellers to access and trade premium inventory in a transparent and streamlined environment.

Xandr is building proprietary technology solutions to transform the TV and Digital Video advertising marketplace, making it easier to transact against quality advertising inventory.

Addressable Technology

Xandr TV Platform is driven by the power of Addressable technology, allowing for better reach against advertisers’ target audience by enabling household level TV ad insertion.

Digital Video Technology

Xandr TV Platform drives a common interactive experience across digital video solutions and enables dynamic ad insertion into premium owned and operated inventory.

INVIDI Technologies

AT&T’s ownership stake in INVIDI Technologies has revolutionized the television industry by making viewing a more satisfying experience, allowing marketers to reach their target audiences without wasting impressions and enhancing the value of advertising inventory for distributors and programmers.

The AppNexus platform provides an open, transparent marketplace and powerful enterprise technology enabling marketers to connect and engage consumers on thousands of high-quality websites and apps.

AppNexus for Buyers

AppNexus for Buyers enables advertisers to programmatically reach audiences on premium sites and apps, across all devices.

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AppNexus for Sellers

AppNexus for Sellers’s real-time decision platform enables publishers to increase total yield through best-in-class forecasting. The technology is leading edge, but it’s easy to get started.

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