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Xandr and IMPACT+ Bring Greenhouse Gas Measurements to Programmatic Advertising

Xandr and IMPACT+ Bring Greenhouse Gas Measurements to Programmatic Advertising

Xandr to partner with IMPACT+ to measure greenhouse gas emissions across programmatic advertising 

PARIS, October 12 – Xandr, a part of Microsoft Advertising, powering a global marketplace for premium advertising, today announced its collaboration with IMPACT+, to bring green house gas emissions measurement to its Invest DSP customers. The alliance will bring a measurement solution from IMPACT+ into Xandr’s Invest DSP.

Thanks to the integration of IMPACT+’s API into the Xandr platform, Invest DSP buyers will be able to evaluate the electricity consumption and the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions of their campaigns by only having to activate the service in the Data Marketplace. Through this, they will get post campaign reporting where they can receive their emissions metrics, broken down into multiple dimensions so they know which factors have the most impact on their emissions, and can make decisions based upon this.

With 90% of the world’s largest 100 companies making some sort of sustainability or climate commitment in the past two years[1], many of them are looking for new solutions to bolster their sustainability efforts. Agencies and marketers need to be able to easily measure the GHG emissions that are generated by their digital advertising activities to ensure they are working towards more sustainable media buying.

Paul-Antoine Strullu, General Manager Southern Europe, Xandr added: “Sustainability is an ongoing topic globally, both within the advertising industry and outside of it. We see many agencies and marketers who are looking to do better with their digital ad campaigns and be more conscious of their carbon footprint. By collaborating with IMPACT+, we are able to provide our Invest DSP buyers with the ability to evaluate their GHG emissions for each of their ad campaigns. We will continue to explore and invest in measures to provide sustainable options for our buyers.”

Vincent Villaret, CEO at IMPACT+ added: “The environmental challenges of the coming decade are such that no industry can now ignore its footprint. Digital advertising is lagging many sectors, and solutions allowing the systematic measurement and implementation of impact reduction actions are the keystone of this fight. Through this collaboration with Xandr, we will bring a simple way to any buyer to evaluate electricity consumption and GHG emissions and to identify better contexts to deliver ads, combining media performances with environmental KPIs, and reduce rapidly the impacts of digital advertising.

About Xandr

Xandr, a part of Microsoft Advertising, powers a global marketplace for premium advertising. Our data-enabled technology platform, encompassing Xandr Invest, Xandr Monetize, and Xandr Curate, optimizes return on investment for both buyers and sellers, while maintaining a commitment to an open marketplace and empowering the open web globally. 

About Impact+ 

IMPACT+ is a sustaintech solution enabling digital advertising players (brands, agencies, adtechs and adnetworks) to evaluate and reduce their environmental impact.
IMPACT+ builds new performances indicators and tools to help this ecosystem to use GHG emissions and electricity consumption to inform their digital advertising strategy. Since 2020, IMPACT+ supports brands (such as L’Oréal, Nestlé, Procter&Gamble and their agencies) in their process for a more sustainable media buying ; adnetworks and adtechs (Teads, Seedtag, Xandr,…) are equipped with IMPACT+ environment impact evaluation solutions, integrated seamlessly to delivery systems. More information on : https://impact-plus.fr/en/

[1] McCann Worldgroup climate report 2021