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Xandr and Dentsu partner to deliver Semantic solution

Solution increases the relevance of ad campaigns in cookie-free environments

GERMANY 9th August: Xandr and Dentsu, a multinational media company have today announced they are working together on a semantic offering in market enabling Dentsu to programmatically execute advertising campaigns on relevant webpages which are brand-compliant and protect data privacy.

With the loss of third-party cookies presenting an ongoing challenge to performance marketing, the advertising industry is looking for solutions. Xandr and Dentsu have collaborated to ensure advertisers are reaching users in the right environment. 

Available through Xandr’s DSP, Xandr Invest, the product uses an algorithm to analyse and categorise websites in real time, in order to place ads in appropriate environments. The technology is not only keyword-based and contextual, but semantic, meaning that Machine learning and Natural Language Processing, two disciplines of AI research, allow for a linguistic analysis of the clients’ advertising message and suitable environments. The results of the in-depth content analysis of suitable environments are taken into consideration in real time, and the campaign will be executed most efficiently.The semantic solution works independently of third-party cookies and consumers’ personal information. 

“The future is becoming cookieless and everyone in the advertising industry has a part to play in providing alternative solutions” comments Marius Rausch, GM, Central Europe, Xandr. “Xandr is providing a great infrastructure through Xandr Invest which allows us to set up semantic and contextual campaigns. We use real-time data for many different use cases and have already seen strong results through our partnership with Dentsu.”

“Dentsu and Xandr’s DSP, Xandr Invest are helping us to reach users in the relevant context with great results for our campaigns. This is crucial for us, especially in preparation of the disappeared of third-party cookies in the near future” states David Niedzielski, Angelini Pharma, Deutschland GmbH.

Matthias Krudewig, Director Product Development, Dentsu Germany GmbH adds: “In a world that is shifting away from cookies, brands need to look for alternative data sources, targeting options and comprehensive insights about the ad environments their campaigns are running in. Our semantic campaigns enable advertisers to do so and reach users in the relevant environments when they are most receptive to the brand message. Xandr has been a great partner and infrastructure for us to deliver successful campaigns.”


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Angelini Pharma is the pharmaceutical division of Angelini Group. The Group started almost 100 years ago as a small pharmaceutical laboratory, and over the years has grown into a leading international group in healthcare, present in Pharmaceuticals and Mass-Market.