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To Match Platform Spend Growth, Xandr Hires New Talent in Northern Europe

Xandr is building out its teams as demand Curate product offering increases ​

LONDON, 2nd June: Xandr, AT&T’s data-enabled technology platform, today announced the appointment of Ammar Jawad Doosh as Senior Director, EMEA Product Management, as well as five recent new hires for Xandr’s marketplace team, specifically focused on curation, as Xandr’s Curate solution continues to grow in popularity with clients.

Xandr recently announced results for its platform in Q1 with total international platform spend up by 30% YOY in Q1 2021; this growth has enabled the Xandr team to expand. Specifically in Northern Europe where Xandr has grown its revenue 34% YOY up from 2020. This strong growth has enabled Xandr to add to its existing product teams with a new EMEA-focused senior product management role, as well as 15 planned new hires across the London office.

Doosh brings extensive industry experience and expertise from his previous roles at The Trade Desk, Expedia Group, Radiant Worlds and Ubisoft. He joins Xandr with ten years of experience under his belt including a focus on buy-side marketing and programmatic advertising. He also brings strong domain expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence, increasingly important topics for the advertising industry.

“Xandr is constantly growing solutions and offerings for our clients across Northern Europe, as both spend and supply increase across Xandr’s platform. As Xandr’s ad server continues to gain momentum, our supply footprint is growing across the region” comments Daniel Clayman, GM, Northern Europe, Xandr. “To ensure we are able to meet this demand, we are putting a huge focus on growing Xandr’s North European offices, especially in London. In fact, this year we’re aiming to add fifteen product and industry experts to our team. I am so pleased to share this type of news following the uncertainty of a pandemic, and to do our part to build the advertising industry.”

Xandr has also recently launched Xandr Curate. A new solution which brings brand-safe contextual targeting, optimisation and analytics solutions at the maximum possible scale to the entire ecosystem. To match demand for this, the London office has hired five people to the marketplace team in curation as we cater to client needs.


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