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Glewed TV Adopts Xandr’s Monetize Ad Server Following 346% Growth of CTV Deals

New York – June 1 – Glewed TV,  a leading video-on-demand (VOD) discovery, live distribution platform for original and professionally produced video content, announced its adoption of Xandr’s Monetize Ad Server, as it ramps CTV monetization across direct and programmatic sales channels. The announcement follows the 346% 2H/1H growth of Glewed TV’s Deals revenue with Xandr as its preferred Deals platform.

As CTV programmers and distributors often work with multiple partners to monetize their video ad inventory and ensure seamless delivery, their ad server should be flexible and support interoperability. The Monetize Ad Server is an open and transparent platform, offering sellers agility and control to build innovative and differentiated offerings, and maximize monetization. Customers are able to accomplish this with Xandr’s flexible demand management tools, encompassing direct sold, Deals, programmatic guaranteed, and other demand sources activated through Prebid Server.

“The Monetize Ad Server streamlines our workflow on a dynamic format like CTV, ultimately benefiting advertisers and viewers, while making our job a lot easier. Allowing us to manage DSP relationships via Xandr’s Monetize SSP, other demand through Prebid, and our forecasted direct sold in one platform is a game changer,” said Eric Fizpatrick, VP of Strategy, Glewed TV. “Xandr is always looking out for our best interests, and that attitude is reflected in the success we’ve seen with them.”

With growing demand from buyers to transact programmatically, CTV programmers and distributors need a solution that extends their direct sales efforts to programmatic, while still maximizing the value of their inventory. Glewed TV initially adopted Xandr’s Monetize SSP for its unique cutting-edge tools necessary to successfully scale its Deals business. Through the platform, Glewed TV unlocks new demand channels via programmatic direct selling, which aren’t available on the open exchange. They are now managing over 200 active deals on the Xandr platform. 

The Monetize SSP brings together the best of programmatic and TV to provide optimized demand, a TV-like experience, flexible integrations and consultative expertise. Xandr’s end-to-end platform with a direct connection to the Xandr’s Invest DSP makes transacting via Deals more efficient and optimizes bidding on ad-podded inventory. All together, these benefits lead to effective monetization of premium video inventory and a seamless experience for viewers. 

“We’re incredibly proud of the success Glewed TV has seen with Deals, especially on a sophisticated format like CTV, and all the more so that they’ve chosen to take it to the next level by choosing the Monetize Ad Server. Glewed TV are a great example of a media company leaning in to programmatic to offer advertisers targeting and measurement the way they want it, and it’s evident in the growth they’re seeing,” said Brad Nelson, Vice President, Product Management, Xandr. “Media companies offering CTV need to ensure the digital TV experience is at par with the premium linear TV experience for their viewers. In this way, the Xandr Monetize platform is built for the future of advertising.”


A business unit within AT&T, Xandr powers a global marketplace for premium advertising. Our data-enabled technology platform, encompassing Xandr Invest and Xandr Monetize, optimizes return on investment for both buyers and sellers.  For more than 143 years, AT&T has used data and technology to inform and improve the consumer experience.

Glewed TV was founded by a team of creators and technologists that have successfully launched multiple streaming channels in the past five years. Glewed TV is one of the ways cord cutters are saving with free access to premium on-demand content. No subscription fees are required to watch movies and TV programs that are unique, engaging, immediate and convenient. Glewed TV is ad-supported and free across all platforms. Glewed TV sources and produces content of high production value with over 10,000 hours available. Main content categories include food, children, sports, DIY, educational, documentaries, animals/wildlife, travel, comedy, product reviews and movies.