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Almost four out of ten Spaniards prefer personalized advertising, surpassing conventional advertising

  • The study shows that 25% of the population prefers receiving conventional advertising and 38% are indifferent
  • Most people (29%) see, on average, 20-30 ads per day, followed by those who only view 1-10 (27%)
  • More than half of Spaniards (51%) claim that Smart TV’s is the main channel through which they see ads

Madrid – December 10, 2020 – Xandr, AT&T’s advanced advertising company, today released the results of a region-wide industry survey (a Barometer) on Christmas advertising in Spain. In the study, Xandr and the research company Beruby have explored the viewing habits of consumers between the ages of 25-44 during the Christmas period. The survey focused on Spanish men and women who were key subscribers of streaming platforms such as HBO. The results dive into how advertising and consumer habits have altered over the past year in an fast-evolving TV landscape. 

The report offers an inside look at how consumer habits have changed during the recent pandemic, with close to four out of ten Spaniards preferring personalized advertising as they engage more with content on their screens. 

Due to the recent pandemic, the broadcasting of content through streaming platforms has not only established itself as the new norm among television viewers, but it has become an upward trend that will continue increasing progressively. The Barometer shows that, as a result of COVID-19, 61% of the population recognizes that, the time they spend watching series and movies on streaming platforms has increased. Only 35% say they spend the same time as before and only 4% say they have reduced viewing hours on their usual platforms. 

Additionally, to access these platforms, most of the respondents affirm they prefer their Smart TV’s (62%), while 22% use their laptops, 11% their tablets and only 5% view this type of content through their smartphone. As viewers engage more with Smart TV’s, which gives them more choices and control, an exciting opportunity emerges for opportunity for advertisers who are plugged into the world of Connected TV. 

The results also showed that streaming platforms popularity has been peaking, showing further growth of Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video and Disney +.

 “The results of the study highlight the importance of streaming video today and its rapid adoption as a result of changes in consumer behavior,” comments Remi Boudard, Director of Market Development at Xandr Iberia. “Advertisers need to ensure they are educating themselves on the rise of Connected TV and how they can engage with users through this solution. At Xandr we work every day to create and develop advertising solutions that respond to this changing environment”.

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