We’ve created a company with one purpose:
Make Advertising Matter.

People are consuming more content than ever before. And though the combination of data and technology have made advertising more precise, we are still facing challenges.

We are uniquely positioned to change the landscape for the better, making advertising messages more relevant through the responsible use of data and technology.

With an expansive offering of valuable data, premium scalable content, and cross-screen distribution, we have a competitive edge — and are ready to go.

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A large scale portfolio of ad inventory across a premium content library, combined with industry-leading advanced advertising solutions allows xandr to deliver better results for advertisers and a meaningful experience to consumers.

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Combine the power of TV with the precision targeting and personalized creative of digital.

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Serve ads to your audience everywhere they watch within premium digital environments.

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Leverage the nation’s largest TV footprint to ignite mass-market awareness for your brand.

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Access to millions of consumer touchpoints allows xandr to create an audience-centric identity across media channels and to provide insights and analytics that improve advertising effectiveness.

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Audience Targeting

Create an engaging and relevant ad experience with behavioral audience targeting.

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Audience Insights

Measure the effectiveness of your advertising with robust post-campaign analytics

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Real-Time Research and Insights

Test concepts, messaging and content with an engaged community of consumers.

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Xandr’s advanced cross-platform technology allows marketers to trade premium inventory in a transparent and automated environment.

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TV Platform

Technology that is changing the way TV and Video advertising is served, experienced and measured.

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Digital Platform

An open, transparent marketplace and enterprise technology that enables marketers to connect and engage with consumers.

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